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Terms & conditions for debit/credit card on-top promotions

  1. Debit/credit card on-top promotions cannot be used with non-participating items/product categories such as milk powder, alcoholic beverages, infant and follow-up formula of baby milk powder, mobile phones & tablets, pre-sale items, gift cards and gift vouchers.


  2. If a non-participating item is purchased in the same order as a participating item, the entire order will not receive the debit/credit card on-top discount.


  3. Customers will instantly receive their discount at the time of purchase if the required purchase amount is made in accordance with these terms and conditions. The final purchase amount is the total amount actually paid after deducting any discounts.


  4. Debit/credit card on-top promotions are only valid for purchases made at or through JD CENTRAL’s apps.


  5. Debit/credit card on-top promotions cannot be applied to shipping fees, transferred to other persons or exchanged for cash.


  6. If an item is out of stock, or if an order is not completed in full or is subsequently returned either in whole or in part, JD CENTRAL reserves the right to withhold the on-top discount.


  7. Should a returned item cause the final purchase amount of an order to fall below the minimum spend limit set, JD CENTRAL reserves the right to reclaim the full value of the on-top discount originally granted.


  8. JD CENTRAL reserves the right to amend any of these terms and conditions or to discontinue this promotion at any time without prior notice. The company’s decision is final.

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