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Share Buy frequently asked questions

1. What is Share Buy?


“Share Buy” is currently a promotional feature newly launched by JD CENTRAL for our customers to enjoy the better experience of any purchase on our platform along with your friends, family members or anyone who are of the interest to purchase the same products by increasing the bargaining power on you, your friends and family members.



2. How can I make a purchase at Share buy price?


You need to install the JD CENTRAL mobile application V2.5.0 or higher or visit JD CENTRAL mobile version. For PC version, after scanning a QR code on a Share Buy product page, you will be redirected to our application or mobile site to proceed.


    You can choose one of the following options:

    1) Create group by yourself from PDP page

    2) Join group from PDP page

    3) Join directly from shared link


You can successfully purchase a Share Buy product if the group that you initiated or joined is assembled and the payment is settled within the specified timeframe.



3. How do I notice Share Buy products?


Look for Share Buy batch, e.g. “X persons required” which can be found under each product name on the Share Buy landing page, a product listing page (search result page) and a Share Buy product page.



4. How many members are needed for a Share Buy group?


This varies according to different Share Buy products. The number of members required can be found under each product name on the Share Buy landing page, a product listing page (search result page) and a Share Buy product page.



5. What is “group validity period”?


It refers to the 24-hour period after the group initiator had settled a payment. Within this timeframe, the group initiator needs to recruit a certain number of members, who then needs to settle their payment. In case of failure, the system will issue a full refund to all group members.



6. How long is the “payment validity period”?


For group initiators: It is required that you complete the payments of the order within 48 hours or before that Share Buy promotion ends.


For participants, you need to complete the payments of the products within 24 hours after the successful payment of the group initiator.



7. After the payment is complete, when will the products be delivered?


Upon the successful assembly of the group within the specified timeframe, the order of all group members will be automatically processed for the product shipment. JD CENTRAL’s standard shipping time applies.



8. How to refund an order while the group already assembled with pending delivery?


Please contact JD CENTRAL Customer Service team at 02 030 4500 or email us at



9. Can I return/exchange after receiving Share Buy products?


Certainly. For after-sales policy, Share Buy products is complied with JD CENTRAL platform policy.


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