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Share Buy Terms and Conditions

1.             Introduction

“Share Buy” is currently a promotional feature newly launched by JD CENTRAL for our customers (“you”) to enjoy the better experience of any purchase on our Platform along with your friends, family members or anyone who are of the interest to purchase the same products by increasing the bargain power on you, your friends and family members.

2.             How to Participate in the Share Buy?

        2.1.         To participate in the Share Buy, you will need to create or own a user account on the JD CENTRAL’s Platform.

        2.2.         In Share Buy, you can be either the “group initiator” or the “participant” in the group created/initiated by your friends, family members or any existing users on the Platform. Within the specified timeframe, the users in the group will be required to recruit a specified amount of participants/users in the group in order to purchase the same product at the discounted price as displayed on the specific product listing.

        2.3.         To initiate the group, you will need to visit the Share Buy product listing, click “Share Buy", place the order and complete the payment at the discounted price within the specified timeframe and before the date/time on the display of the product you intend to purchase at discounted price. Upon completion of your payment, the group is automatically initiated.

        2.4.         After initiating the group, you will need to share the URL link of your group via social media and invite the participants at the specified amount to join your group you initiated in order to successfully purchase the products of your choice at the discounted price.

        2.5.         To successfully purchase at the discounted price, you will need to recruit or invite your friends, family members or other users of JD CENTRAL to join your group until the number of the required participants is reached and all participants successfully make the payments of the products within the specified timeframe (currently 24 hours after the successful payment of the group initiator). 

        2.6.         To participate in the group, you can either participate in the group invited by your friends or any existing incomplete groups on the product listing page within the specified timeframe of such products/groups. If willing to purchase the product invited by your friend, you click on the URL link sent by your friends and click “join”, or click “join” in any existing incomplete groups displayed on product listing page for the same or any available product. 

        2.7.         Upon your participation in the group, you can complete your payment and share the URL of the group you joined or any existing groups to your other friends and family members within the specified timeframe. For the avoidance of doubt, your order can be affirmatively placed only after the payment is successfully made.


        2.8.         If you are the last participant to join the group but not yet making any payment, your group will not be yet successfully assembled. Other users will still be able join the group and make the payment to successfully assemble the group. In certain circumstances, you may still be able to complete your payment at the discounted price even after the group is successfully assembled.

        2.9.         Upon the successful assemble of the group within the specified timeframe, the order of each participant, including the order of the group initiator, will be automatically processed for the product shipment.

        2.10.      In order to ensure your good experience, you hereby agree and accept that JD CENTRAL may assist you to successfully assemble the group within the specified timeframe from time to time.


3.             Important Notes

        3.1.         By participating in Share Buy, you hereby agree and acknowledge to accept the terms and conditions of JD CENTRAL’s Platform. The terms and conditions of the Share Buy hereof is subject to the standard terms and conditions of JD CENTRAL. For more details, please click here:

        3.2.         The certain products may be available on the Share Buy only for the limited period of time.

        3.3.         Upon the expiration of the Share Buy period of each product, JD CENTRAL is entitled to dissemble/terminate all incomplete groups regardless of the time you initiated or joined the group, and you hereby agree to give up the remaining timeframe upon such dissemble/termination by JD CENTRAL.

        3.4.         If your group is not successfully assembled according to the expiration above, you hereby agree and accept that JD CENTRAL will process the refund for you according to the timeline as per your payment option.

        3.5.         As the prices of the products available on Share Buy are set with deep discount, certain products are restricted to the purchase of a unit/piece per a user account during the specific period.

        3.6.         Upon participation in the Share Buy, you hereby agree that certain products may not be applicable to discount coupons, JD Points and other promotional activities.

        3.7.         The payment of options for the Share Buy are limited only the online payment channels such as credit card or as specified by JD CENTRAL.

        3.8.         Upon processing the payment for the products in the Share Buy, you hereby agree that the cancellation of your order cannot be fulfilled until the group you initiated or joined is successfully assembled or being dissembled/terminated by JD CENTRAL (as the case may be).

        3.9.         You hereby agree and accept that JD CENTRAL is entitled to adjust the number of the required participants in any group from time to time to fulfill the successful group assemble, and hereby agree that JD CENTRAL may cancel your order placed in the group when the payment is not successfully processed within the timeframe (currently 24 hours after the group initiation).

        3.10.      Any purchase with Share Buy option is in compliance with the general After-Sale Policy of JD CENTRAL unless otherwise expressly specified on the product listing page.

        3.11.      JD CENTRAL reserves the right to discontinue or suspend the Share Buy option at any time, as well as to amend any of the terms and conditions hereof at any time without prior notice. You hereby agree that any adjustments/amendments hereof shall not be deemed to constitute any false or untrue statement on any existing terms and conditions.

        3.12.      You hereby agree that JD CENTRAL is entitled to terminate or dissemble the group if it is deemed necessary such as any illegal act, fraud or any non-compliance with terms and conditions hereof.

        3.13.      You hereby agree and accept that your personal data (as prescribed by the applicable laws) will be collected, stored, shared and used by JD CENTRAL and its affiliates or professional consultants for the purpose of business operations, business developments and marketing and from time to time be shared to the third parties for the storage.

        3.14.      Any dispute settlement hereof shall be subject to the sole discretion of JD CENTRAL, and shall be finalized and binding upon you and related parties (if any).

        3.15.      If any questions, please refer to the page of Frequent Asked Questions or contact our Help Center.


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