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Terms & Conditions

        By using or JD CENTRAL mobile application (collectively “Platform”), you acknowledge and agree to accept the following terms and conditions. Please refrain from accessing our Platform if you disagree with any terms and conditions provided below:




1.    Adjustment

JD CENTRAL reserves the right to adjust, adapt, modify, or terminate the following terms and conditions including other agreements on Platform without prior notice. 

2.   Membership

        2.1.      You must register as a JD CENTRAL member in order to be eligible to shop and join special promotions and activities offered by JD CENTRAL. 

        2.2.      You must provide the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date information when registering.

        2.3.      If there are any changes about your personal information, you agree to update your personal information regularly.

        2.4.      For minors, according to Thailand Civil and Commercial Code, you acknowledge that by accessing Platform you have obtained the consent from your legal representative (where applicable) prior your membership registration with JD CENTRAL. Please refrain from accessing our service if such consent has not been obtained. 

        2.5.      You agree to keep your login name and password confidential. You acknowledge that any attempt or unauthorized access to Platform or services is strictly prohibited.

        2.6.      If you use Platform to harm or cause any damage to JD CENTRAL or to another party in any ways, you must be responsible all direct and indirect damages. JD CENTRAL is not responsible for any damage you cause to other persons. 

        2.7.      By registering, you warrant that you must not act with fraudulent purpose or in bad faith, in which possibly affect JD CENTRAL or any other party.

        2.8.      If JD CENTRAL finds out that you provide JD CENTRAL with false information, not updated information, or failure to keep your login username and password confidential, JD CENTRAL reserves the right to terminate your account or membership without prior notice.

        2.9.      If you have committed or tend to commit illegal acts according Thai law, JD CENTRAL reserves the right to terminate your membership without prior notice.

3.   Intellectual Property

        3.1.      Trademarks, trade names, copyrights, goodwill, designs, inventions, patents, logos, symbols, emblems, insignia, fascia, slogans, know-how, information, trade secrets, drawings, plans software, codes and other identifying materials (“Intellectual Property”), whether or not registered or capable of registration and, including other proprietary rights whatsoever, that are used or developed by JD CENTRAL are protected by the applicable Thai law.

        3.2.      Any acts of intellectual property infringement such as copying, replicating, modifying, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, distributing, republishing, hyperlinking of the Intellectual Property in any illegal manner or by any means of these protected materials, either partially or fully, is strictly prohibited on Platform.

        3.3.      Contents, including text, images, and other digital contents either being presented or not presented on Platform are also considered to be JD CENTRAL’s Intellectual Property.

        3.4.      JD CENTRAL has the right to protect all Intellectual Property that belongs to JD CENTRAL and our group companies, including the right to protect the Seller’s Intellectual Properties.

        3.5.      JD CENTRAL only protects the Intellectual Property infringement occurred on Platform.

        3.6.      If you have any evidence that there is an Intellectual Property infringement on Platform or believe that your work has been infringed, please contact via or JD CENTRAL’s customer service via 020304599.

4.   Price and Product Description

        4.1.      JD CENTRAL make best efforts to ensure that the prices and the product description are as accurate as it may be. If we discover any error in the price of the product or the product description that you have purchased, JD CENTRAL will inform you as soon as possible.

        4.2.      We will do our best to describe the products by conveying the most accurate descriptions. By accessing our services, you acknowledge and agree that there are possibilities of inaccurate information. If you are not satisfied or find the product descriptions not as described, you may submit an After-sales application to return for a refund or replace such product.

        4.3.      JD CENTRAL will put our best effort to display the true colors and details of the product. However, you acknowledge that the color and display capacity of each monitor are not the same, in which could made the color you are seeing might not be as accurate as it should have been.

        4.4     In the case where any informative errors occurred relating to the product detail or price, in which caused product shortage and any other reasons that leads to product(s) being unable to be shipped out, you and the Seller have the right to cancel such order. If you have already made the payment, you will be refunded in accordance with JD CENTRAL's refund process.

        4.5     For any inquiry regarding the price of the product, product description, or the color of the product, please contact via or JD CENTRAL’s customer service via 020304599.

5.   Order Management

        5.1.      You hereby agree that JD CENTRAL is entitled to cancel your order. In case the order is cancelled without your default, JD CENTRAL reserves the right to provide compensation to you only in the form of refund.

        5.2.      A notification will be made to you once your order is cancelled.

6.   Consumer Protection

        6.1.      Several products on Platform does provide product guarantee. The details on the guarantee of such product will be provided on each product display page.

        6.2.      Subject to our after-sale policy, JD CENTRAL does provide after-sale services, in which in case where you are not satisfied with the product, you may submit an after-sale application to return for refund, replace, or repair.

7.   Fraud Prevention and Termination

        7.1.      JD CENTRAL does have a system to check for fraud and illegal acts.

        7.2.      If JD CENTRAL identified any fraud or illegal act, JD CENTRAL reserves the right to hold or cancel your order.

        7.3.      You must not misuse Platform. You shall not commit or encourage any criminal offences, transmit or distribute any viruses including but not limited to Trojan horse, worm, logic bomb or post any other material on our platform which is malicious, technologically harmful, in breach of confidence or in any way offensive or obscene; hack into any system, services or data, or any other forms of misuses that is not JD CENTRAL’s intention.

        7.4.      In case where any misuse of Platform that constitute a criminal offence under the cybercrimes laws of Thailand, JD CENTRAL will report such act to the relevant law enforcement authorities and appropriate legal action will be taken.

        7.5.      JD CENTRAL reserves the right to have absolute discretion to suspend, cancel, or terminate orders or accounts for any fraud, breach, or any suspicious that constitute an illegal act.

        7.6.      JD CENTRAL reserves the rights to have absolute discretion to suspend, cancel, or modify orders, or revoke coupons or any privileges in the orders that contain the following circumstances:

Suspicious or fraudulent order

  • Orders made with stolen information

  • Orders made by sellers operating on the platform with the purpose to improve the store ranking

  • Orders placed with the payment method of ‘Cash On Delivery (COD)’and used multiple coupons or checkouts associated with the same customers or group of customer

  • Orders of multiple accounts or checkouts associated with the same customers or group of customers

  • Orders made with an intention to resale

        7.7.      JD CENTRAL can enforce discretion on Clause 7.5 and 7.6 without any requirement to send prior notice

        7.8.      If you have any evidence of any suspicious, fraud, or illegal acts, please contact via or JD CENTRAL’s customer service via 020304599

8.   Cookies

        8.1.      You acknowledge and allow JD CENTRAL to use and JD CENTRAL does use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies to store and analyze your behavior, including to improve your experiences on Platform.

        8.2.      JD CENTRAL may link to third party websites that JD CENTRAL does not own or have control over. By using Platform, you expressly agree that JD CENTRAL is not responsible for any content, advertisements, products, or services on those websites. In addition, you expressly agree that JD CENTRAL is not responsible for any damage caused from visiting those websites.

9.   Notice

        If you wish to send any notice to JD CENTRAL, please send such notice in writing to either to the address or email as the following:


        Address: 127 Gaysorn Tower, 28th Floor and 29th Floor, Ratchadamri Road, Kwaeng Lumpini, Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok         10330

        E-mail :


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