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Policy of Returns and Refunds


Our after-sales policy aims to provide each and every customer a pleasant experience on shopping at JD CENTRAL.  We must ensure that our policies are competitive in the market while considering costs.

Applicable scope

This policy provides service guidelines and standards for after-sales service applicable to both JD CENTRAL and its third-party sellers (3P) on


After-sales policy guideline

  1. CENTRAL customer service

    1. Return policy

    2. Item(s) may be returned for refund / exchanged within 7-15 calendar days (unless otherwise stated in product detail page) from and inclusive of the day on which the item is received until the date customer applies the return application form in the website.


    4. However, the item(s) that sold by the third-party sellers, the process of returns/refund is under their consideration and may be returned for refund only, but not exchanged, provided that the item(s) meets conditions specified.

      1. Acceptable return reasons and each condition requirement

        To be eligible for return, returned item(s) and its packaging must be in the following conditions:

        Return conditions  [ below denotes a required condition]
        Acceptable return reasonsItem must be unusedItem must be sealed and unopenedItem must be returned with any and all free gift(s), manual / instruction booklet, accessories and original boxAll original tags & labels must be attachedRemarks (with the exception of out of stock)

        Replacement will be sent
        Damaged                (DOA), Expired, Missing item

        Replacement will be sent
        Not as advertised

        Incorrect Item deliveredCorrect item will be sent as replacement
        Customers’ change of mind



        “Defective” means that the item does not function as described in the manufacturer’s specifications.

        “Damaged (DOA)” means damaged on arrival, and / or has visible damaged packaging.

        “Expired” means the date of item receipt had passed item’s warranty period or “best before” date.

        “Missing item” means the item is short of major parts or accessories.

        “Not as advertised” means the function and / or appearance is not as described according to specifications on our website.

        “Incorrect item delivered” means wrong item delivered by the seller.

        “Customers’ change of mind” means customers having decided to reverse their purchase decision for the reason(s) other than any of the above mentioned. JD CENTRAL reserves the rights to refuse any return for refunds / exchanges due to “customers’ change of mind.”


        For any incorrect item delivered, product seal should not be broken unless the item may not be differentiated visually and solely based on information provided on the box or packaging.


        In case that the returned items do not meet the return policy conditions, such items will be returned to customer at customer’s own cost.


        For change of mind reason, items in below categories listed may not be returned for refund / exchange.


        Items and categories not accepted for returns due to customers’ change of mind
        CategoryNon-returnable conditions / items
        Electronics, Mobile Phones, Tablets & Gadget, Appliances

        All damaged original packages or items with broken seal (The original package must not be attached with tape, sticker or anything that could damage the original package)

        All items whose warranty card has been filled out



        Lingerie, underwear and innerwear

        Accessories (earring, necklace, ring, pendant, brooch, bracelet and hair accessories)

        All jewelry & gold

        Shoes insole


        Legging & tight

        Food & BeveragesAll items
        Household CleaningAll items
        Health & BeautyAll items
        Mom & Kids

        Milk & milk powder

        Baby food

        Baby diaper

        Baby care

        Baby feeding


        Pet food

        Pet treats

        Pet healthcare

        Pet grooming & health

        Flea & tick control

        Pet cleanup & toilet

        Litter & toilet

        Sports & Outdoor

        Bra, underwear, socks


        Boxing gloves & sandbag

        Bicycle and wheel sports


        Any sporting goods that is already assembled and installed

        Home & Living

        All electronics products

        Made to order items such as furniture, furniture that has been assembled

        Live plants

        Books, Games & Music

        Books, Magazine, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disc                                                                                Software, Digital content (eBooks, music, movies, etc.)

        Games,Software, Digital content (eBooks, music, movies, etc.)

        Automotive, Hardware & Tools

        Oils & lubricants

        Car wash, wax and polish products

        Air refresher and car perfume


        Other hazardous materials or flammable liquids/gases


        Free gift and gift card

        Clearance items

        Handmade and customized products


        Due to regulatory or hygiene issues, certain product categories or conditions cannot be returned solely due to customers’ change of mind: these include custom-made products, fresh and perishable products, products that may face regulatory or hygiene issues if unsealed, products that may not be resold once activated or tested, products near its end of shelf life or are defective, products that are shown as non-returnable on the its page, and products with any other conditions that JD CENTRAL deems not returnable.


      2. Acceptable exchange and condition requirement

        • JD CENTRAL reserves the rights to exchange only the same product as ordered by the customer

        • JD CENTRAL can’t exchange the another color, option or size to customer

        • If the customer wishes to exchange for another color, option or size, customer needs to return product and place a new order


      3. How to return an item?

        • Small packages are limited to under or equal to 20 kg in weight, no greater than 150 cm of aggregate dimensions (length + width + height). More details may be found below per each third-party logistics provider.

        • For large packages, please contact JD CENTRAL Call Center to schedule a pick up.

        • After receiving approval message from JD CENTRAL, pack the item in its original packaging and send to logistic provider.

        • After sending item back to JD CENTRAL/Seller (in case you select Return by Customer), please update the logistic tracking number on the After-Sales Support under “Tracking number”


        • JD CENTRAL recommends below third-party logistics providers:

          ProviderTracking websiteาDimensions and restrictions
          Kerry Logistics packages:                Length, weight or height must be ≤70cm and length + weight + height must be ≤150 cm

          Limitation of return package:                                             

        • Choose the return method: “Pick-up indoor” or “Return by Customer”.

        • JD Express provides pick-up service for return if customer selects “Pick-up indoor” during the after-sales application process

        • "Return by Customer” Customer sends product back to JD CENTRAL / Seller in case of customer selects this method. Customer can choose any legal logistics provider for returning and must put the receipt in the returned parcel

        • Please keep a copy of the receipt for your reference until your after-sales process is complete

        • Take photos of the item customer wishes to return and keep photos for own records.

        • Contact JD CENTRAL Call Center at 02-030-4599 or Apply the online request which is under “After-Sales Applications” to initiate a refund / exchange or repair request

        • Choose the item and order ID that customer wishes to return. And provide the reason and also photos of item(s)

      4. Return assessment’s turnaround time

        Return assessment normally takes three (3) working days (in some cases, it may take longer) from the date items are received at JD CENTRAL’s Return Center.

        The item(s) that sold by the third-party sellers (3P), the process of return is under seller’s ability.


      6. Return shipment costs

        Shipping fee may be reimbursed for returning via third-party logistics providers provided that the item(s) meets conditions specified in i

        Items sold by third-party sellers (3P) may be returned for refund, but not exchanged, provided that the item(s) meets conditions specified in i


      8. Refund options and turnaround time 

        • JD points refunds

        • Within two (2) working days from the date refund confirmation is sent                        Refund method: JD points balance reversal. If user does not have enough JD Points on their account to fund such a deduction, JD Points will be deducted as refund


        • COD / bank transfer / over the counter / ATM refunds

        • Within seven (7) working days depending on the issuing bank’s refund process and policy, from the date refund confirmation is sent.

          Refund method: bank transfer or JD points


        • Credit card refunds

        • Within forty-five (45) working days from the date refund confirmation is sent.

          Refund method: credit card balance reversal


        • Debit card refunds

        • Within forty-five (45) working days depending on the issuing bank’s refund process and policy, from the date refund confirmation is sent.

          Refund method: debit card balance reversal


        • Generally, JD CENTRAL refunds customers in the original amount paid and by the original payment method.

          The company reserves the rights to provide other refund options. JD CENTRAL’s Call Center may contact customers and request further proof and documents to facilitate the refund process.

  2. After-sales nationwide delivery

    1. Delivery Terms & Conditions

      1. Merchandise value and liabilities 

        • JD CENTRAL reserves the rights to refuse delivery of orders with incomplete shipping addresses

        • JD CENTRAL reserves the rights to withhold any delivery charges if the orders are rejected upon delivery and Delivery must be accepted or rejected in its full and entire order.

        • Should customers have any questions or need further assistance, please contact JD CENTRAL’s Call Center at 02-030-4599

      2. Shipping of oversized items or items requiring installation 



        • JD CENTRAL reserves the rights to deliver orders only within its published delivery area.

        • Delivery staff may contact customers and sellers for more details of the delivery route.

        • In the event of natural disasters along any delivery route, the delivery may be delayed. Delivery staff will contact customers should there be such a case.

        • Change of delivery address may not be done after an order is confirmed.

        • Certain products require recipients to be of a minimum age in compliance with government regulations. The ID card, or any other legal proof of age of the recipient will be required upon delivery.

        • If an order is rejected upon delivery, JD CENTRAL reserves the rights to withhold any and all delivery charges.

        • Please note that items from Pomelo's store cannot be exchanged but are still refundable, subject to the standard terms and conditions. Customers wishing to return an order free of charge can do so by first applying for a refund through JD CENTRAL’s website or app and then dropping off their parcel, with a refund application form enclosed, at the nearest 7-Eleven, Pomelo store or Skybox.

        • Pomelo refund application form must be returned with the item. If customer lost it, please contact JD CENTRAL Customer Service- After sale service team 

        • Please note that items from LOOKSI’s store cannot be exchanged but are still refundable, in condition that the product must be in its original condition, unused with tags still on and in the original brand packaging (if applicable). LOOKSI reserves the right not to return the following items: 1. Lingerie, 2. Swimwear, 3. Beauty products and cosmetics, 4. Perfumes, 5. Shoe care products Customers wishing to return an order free of charge can do so by applying for refund in after-sale service in JD Central website and application then dropping off their parcel, with a LOOKSI refund application form enclosed, at the nearest 7-Eleven.  

        • Oversized item means item weighing more than 20 kg or items with aggregate dimensions (length + width + height) greater than 150 cm

        • Shipping and installation of oversized items will be carried out directly by third-party sellers or contracted service providers according to seller or manufacturer standards.

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