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Guideline for submitting reviews


Review is a great way to communicate your experiences with other buyers. It helps other buyers make a decision on their purchases.  Here are our little tips for structuring a good review:

  • Review the product or/ and services that you ordered

  • Be informative, honest & relevant by providing unbiased opinion

  • Keep content concise and make it interesting for others to read


Reviews that can clearly reflect their unique product experience will be valued with a ‘Quality Review’ mark. In which, it should contains one of the following elements:

  • Message(s) with a minimum of 100 words and an image that give an overview of their purchase.

  • Message(s) or photo(s) that clearly express their personal thoughts and feelings of the product, both positively and negatively.

  • Message(s) or photo(s) that gives an appropriate reasoning for his or her satisfaction rating

  • Message(s) or Photo(s) that help other customers decide whether the product is right for them


JD CENTRAL reserves the right to grant the 'Quality Review' mark to the review that follows the guideline stated above. 

However, a review that contains any of the following elements are prohibited from posting on JD CENTRAL platofrm:

  • Message(s) or photo(s) that contains disrespectful, impolite-vulgar word.

  • Review(s) that are not in accordance with the reality.

  • Message(s) that tries to manipulate other customers into buying products with other platforms or directly from the shop.

  • Message(s) or photo(s) that are irrelevant to the characteristics of the product.

  • Review(s) that was paid or sponsored by the seller.

  • Message(s) that contains information related to the price of the product or any special promotional discount offered at the time of his or her purchased.

  • Message(s)  that have an intention to harass or embarrass the seller.

  • Message(s) that is not related to the product or service(s) offered by JD CENTRAL.

  • Unwelcome message(s) that harass or embarrass JD CENTRAL


JD CENTRAL reserves the right to take down any reviews or photos without any prior notice.


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