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Can I cancel if paid using Counter Service/ Online Banking?

You may request for cancellation given that your order has not been shipped out.  You will be asked to provide your bank details as your refund will be in the means of bank transfer.

To apply for refunds, please follow steps below:

1.    Click My Orders


2.    Select Cancel Order on the order you wish to cancel


3.    Choose the reason for order cancellation


4.    Fill in your bank details and upload your book bank

Issuing Bank Name: The name of the bank you are requesting your refund to be directed to

Account Number: The account's 10-11 digits number that funds will be transferred to

Account Name: The bank account holder's registered name 

Phone number: The number JD CENTRAL can contact you should the need arise

Copy of book bank: The first page of your bankbook detailing your account number and account holder's name



5.    Confirm your request for refund by clicking Submit



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